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Preminum efficiency VHS motor


WP-1 NEMA standard frequency conversion 5HZ-80HZ VFD motor with UL CE CSA SABER certificated ,Vhs motors is used in arid and water-deficient plateau areas, farm irrigation, water pumping of high-rise buildings in hydropower station water towers; design voltage 230V/460V/690V/1kv/6kv/10kv/20kv/, 50hz/60Hz Main working at American,USA,Mexico,Europen,saudi arabia with TEFC IP55 IP65

 TEFC VHS motors


NEMA Standard Premium Efficient Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors from 10Hp to 500Hp 2500Hp TEFC/IP55


Extra Downthrust: 18000(Lb)3600rpm

 1500rpm 50 HZ;With TERMINAL BOX SERVICE FACTOR 1.15;96% Efficiency;VFD:5Hz to 85Hz 380-415v


BEARING PT 100 DIAL SCALE,IP55 TEFC,Top cover red,Body Grey RAL 5012 ,heaters, sensors and boxes .

ABB Explosion proof motors 380v/6kv/10kv/

ZZJ DC electric motors

Metallurgical crane motors

SIEMENS Electric motor

Explosion-proof motors

WEG Electric motor