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Power transformer

Transformer working for medium frequency induction furnace, electric arc furnace, continuous casting machine, rolling mill steel plant.


Power transformer


Transformer working for medium frequency induction furnace, electric arc furnace, continuous casting machine, rolling mill steel plant.


220kV, 110kV and 66kV low loss series transformers; products with reliable performance, low partial discharge, low loss, low noise, high reliability, and strong resistance to sudden short circuit, its excellent performance has won the majority of users and related Experts highly praise.

Partial discharge: at 1.5 times the rated voltage, the apparent discharge of the product is less than 80pC;

Noise: Product noise of 63MVA and below is below 58dB (AN);

Loss: No-load loss is about 30% lower than the IEC standard;

Reliability: All in-service products have no damage accidents and oil leakage;

Short-circuit resistance: SFZ11-50000 / 132 has passed the short-term ability test of the Netherlands KEMA and the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center laboratory. Passed CE, UL, CSA, ROSH certification




All coils are made of 100% oxygen-free copper, and high-voltage coils are tangled. Continuous structure, in order to improve the distribution characteristics under impulse voltage, to obtain a more uniform electric field distribution, the bracing pads are rounded to improve the high reliability of insulation. A

Iron core:

The core material is high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with high magnetic grain orientation, and adopts advanced German Georg automatic shearing line to control the burr of the cutting mouth to be less than 0.02 mm.

The silicon steel sheet adopts the technology of not stacking the iron yoke. The joint of the silicon steel sheet is a 45 ° full oblique stepped joint. After the iron chip is stacked, the overall pressure and epoxy glue are used to make the iron core three-pillar two yoke become a strong , Flat, high vertical accuracy, effectively improve the no-load performance, while reducing noise.

Between the iron core column and the inner coil, the iron core column is supported by a brace plate, the iron yoke is tensioned by a glass ribbon impregnated with epoxy resin, and the lower iron yoke and the lower fuel tank are topped by a back pressure nail bolt. In addition, the upper iron yoke and the upper fuel tank are fixed in three places, so the body can withstand the bumps during transportation without displacement in the fuel tank.